Polythene Bag

Pallet Shrink/non-Shrink bag

Ideal for securing and protecting pallet loads

Carton liner

Perfect to be used as lining cartons of meat, food or dry goods

Mattress/Carpet bag

Used to protect products against dust, soil, and light exposure to water during move or time in storage

Bag on roll

Great versatility and keeps production rolling

Heavy duty bag

Ideal for holding heavy weights with superior puncture, tear resistance with high sealing integrity for leak proof

Soil bag

Use for packing soil/grains mainly for agriculture use

Fertilizer bag

Ideal for packaging of chemicals and fertilizers in a safe manner

V seal bag

Use for storage of food products with high sealing integrity for leak proof

Cytotoxic waste bag

Used for disposing clinical waste products

Asbestos waste bag

Used for disposing hazardous waste that meet safety disposal guidelines

Ice bag

Used for ice storage to ensure no splits or leaks

Side seal bag

Slightly cheaper and are usual for small size bags

Bottom seal bag

Typically larger or for heavy duty applications

Star seal bag

Maximize the carrying capacity and virtually eliminate leaks

Handle shopping bag

Unbelievably value for money and available in a wide range of sizes. Good alternative to paper bags

Produce bag

Conveniently used to carry your fruit and vegetables in the supermarket or green grocer

Antistatic bag

Used for storing electronic components, which are prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Biodegradable bag

Capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms