Improves plastic properties by

  • Reduce material cost
  • Enhance hardness & rigidity
  • Maintaining compression or abrasive strength
  • Prevent contraction and deformation
  • Prolongs product life span

Easy processing, non-toxic & non-moisture absorption – Food contact safe. Excellent dispersion with a high adding ratio, (10%-50%). Good TiO2 replacement option.

SFBS 969 is develop using Advance Compounding Technology. Particles disassemble fully during compounding process, more homogeneous and the narrow mean particle size disperse more uniformly, providing complete compatibility and stability properties with good surface properties.

It is acid proof, alkaline proof, light fastness, heat proof, low oil absorption, excellent weatherability, good dispersion and flow, high whiteness, strong transparency and high purity.

Product Property

High MI PE as carrier, combined with other relative elastomer, additive and super microsized nano filler. Made using high temperature Banbury Mixer, melting plasticizing and air cooling die cut.

Micro powder, high specific gravity and good dispersion, adding rate is 10-50%. To increase product weight, prevent product deformation, reduce cost and accord with environmental protection standard.

Super Fine Nano Transparent Filler Masterbatches are widely used in making a product tougher and hard like chips, helmet and sound shell items. It is also used to improve the acid proof and alkaline proof of final product needed in containers. Is has been widely used for the making of brake linings, gym shoes, toy bullet and plastic curtain to increase its weight and the sense of touch.

Appearance: 3-4mm white grey pellet
Special Gravity: 4.2
Active Substance Content: 20% Carrier
80% Nano Filler
MI: 8
Specific Area:
19000 cm2/g
PE, PP, PS and other plastic base material injection moulding / extrusion / blown moulding / blown extrusion industry

Packing and Storage

Paper bag with inner plastic bag 25kg nett weight per bag, stored in dry warehouse.

Handle with care when loading and unloading to prevent breakage of packages.